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Evoke Internal Innovation While Investing In Employee Growth

Innovation Leadership Program rewards Management Consultants and Innovates Delivery Capabilities

Arlington, VA - Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC (Evoke) takes the definition of the company name very seriously; “To create anew especially by means of the imagination.”  In order to deliver that meaning to our clients, partners and employees, Evoke recognizes that new concepts and methodologies can evolve into true innovation if developed by our Management Consultants who work side by side with our clients every day. Further, Evoke believes that the future success of our firm depends on the performance of our Management Consultants. 

We have selected six individuals to participate in the 2015 Class of the Innovation Leadership Program (ILP) to expand the community of Evoke management consultants who lead with integrity, understand both the core values and the vision for Evoke, and who are passionate about their involvement with the firm’s success. 

Beginning in 2013, the ILP is a multi-phase executive action learning experience lasting one year. The program recognizes high-performing Consultants that have demonstrated an interest in the operations and growth of the firm, and whom in the near future may take on leadership roles in management or as technical subject matter experts.

Managing Partner Greg Blaisdell states, “The goals of the ILP are to incorporate top performing Evoke Management Consultants into the Evoke strategic planning process and offer them mentoring and training opportunities in order to design new and innovative ways to serve our clients, partners and employees.”  

The ILP members will also be responsible for continuing to shape this program, improving it for the class of 2016.

The ILP members will be immersed in a direct mentoring program with all internal Evoke business department executives on a rotating basis.  This immersion will deepen each ILP member’s knowledge of the firm’s total current delivery capability.  The program harnesses both the client engagement experience and employee experiences of all participants and incorporates their collective innovative ideas for change.  These concepts are incorporated into the firm’s vision, strategic objectives, and current and future delivery capabilities.

Managing Partner Jim Loreto adds, “Evoke’s ILP further strengthens their resolve to maintain a culture that fosters employee growth, provides opportunity for every consultant to be successful, delivers innovation, and leads by example.”

Evoke is looking forward to the participation of its ILP Class of 2015 and the exceptional thought leadership and impact they will have on the future of Evoke.

About Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC

 Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified management consulting firm located in Arlington, VA. Evoke provides professional services support to the federal government and commercial industry in Management, Organizational Improvement, and Technology & Engineering services.