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Evoke's First Intern...

Over my last year as Evoke’s intern, I have learned so much about the company, industry, and working in a professional setting. Throughout my internship, I have had the privilege of experiencing many functional areas within Evoke’s business, which has helped me realize my own professional interests in the process. By experiencing so many facets of the company, I have learned much more about myself and my own skills, as well as learned countless other skills in the process.

Starting off in HR, I have been able to understand the organization of the company and its core values. By learning about Evoke before getting directly involved in its operations, I have been better able to understand the role of each department as well as understand how the work I do fits into the greater scheme of the company.

As a college student, internships often feel like more of a commodity than a learning experience; however, at Evoke, I can say with confidence that I have gained infinitely more than just the ability to list this as a work experience.

Over my time here, I have had the opportunity to work with not only HR, but also Consulting Services, IT, and Accounting, which have each taught me different sets of skills and knowledge on how Evoke operates.

Having no knowledge on Government consulting before this internship, I had no idea how the proposal process worked, which has turned into one of my favorite areas to work in at Evoke. Until helping out with proposals, I had no idea how many stages of the writing process exist and how much time goes into responding to even the simplest of requests from a Government Agency. 

Evoke has provided me with an amazing opportunity to feel integrated in a company despite being a college student and has absolutely prepared me for working in a professional setting – whether it be government consulting or elsewhere – after graduation.

Charlie T., Intern at Evoke Research and Consulting, LLC