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Innovation at NASA

Marking 10 years of Innovation at NASA

Evoke has delivered Management Consulting and IT services support to NASA for over ten years. Our NASA support over the past decade includes IT Portfolio Management, Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, and Budget Formulation. We currently provide a mixture of these services at NASA Headquarters (HQ), and have delivered key services at all ten NASA Centers. Over the past ten years we have been awarded over 75 contracts to provide Lean Six Sigma (LSS) improvement and innovation services at all ten Centers and NASA HQ. We have trained over 2,500 NASA professionals in LSS Methodologies, resulting in over 500 improvement projects that have driven innovation and improvement within the agency.

  • "This was the best training I have ever received in my entire NASA career!"
  • "You can almost see the light coming on in peoples faces and eyes as you take this course and experience the power of it through practical application. I am sold on it as a relatively simple and guaranteed means to make our jobs easier, products better and customers happier."

  • "Instructors did a fantastic job of presenting the material. It was well prepared and the simulations clearly showed the effects of the methods presented. Outstanding!"

Evoke continues in its dedication to NASA by expanding our presence in 2014 with an office in Huntsville, AL near the Marshall Space Flight Center. Additionally, Evoke assisted in the development of a joint venture company, Accede, LLC, focused on NASA innovation and excellence. Evoke is proud to have such a long relationship with NASA, and we look forward to another successful decade providing key services that support and advance the NASA mission. Click here to visit Accede's website.