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Helping Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

October 17, 2017

When: October 17, 2017

Where: Puerto Rico

Event Description:
People throughout the United States were affected by major natural disasters in the fall of 2017. Most of Puerto Rico was without power and had very limited essential resources for several months due to major hurricanes. Someone close to the Evoke family shared their connection and shed light on how dire the conditions are in Puerto Rico:

"We're in week 3 without electricity and still half of Puerto Rico has no running water. Even those of us that have running water in our homes are not sure of the quality. I know this is a lot to ask for, but whoever can help, we'll receive anything. GRACIAS!!! THANK YOU!! I have no idea what you're still seeing in the news, but things are getting real on so many levels."

Evoke was able to send a sizable care package directly to this family. We also opened an Amazon Wish List so our employees could assist in sending essentials to this family and their community as well. The family that received the packages was able to distribute all the donations within their neighborhood allowing them to survive during the dire conditions caused by the hurricanes.